This is a Barney’s Sweet Tooth with Future, by Exotic Genetix.

It’s bag seed, the inter-sexed father being Future. Squid grew it out, and sent me over a sample. 


The largest bud is shaped like the curvature of a sickle, long and somewhat thin. Stigma growth seems to be confined to the top of the calyx. Colouring is light green, coverage is more than evident.

In terms of macro structure and micro structure, this has both. The smaller nodes sum to a larger structure that’s interesting, and it looks good up close. 


The unground flowers hit me with the earthy spice, leading to fuel and citrus. Grinding them releases skunky pine, and fruity earths. The sum of the parts feels herbaceous, somewhat blunted by a sweet funk.


Frontage on this flavor profile showcases an earthly gristle, really doing a 180 on the prominent notes detected by scent. Sweet skunks over dirty herb and garlic present at the midriff, and again upon exhale. Character is overbalanced with top-heavy feel. With use, it becomes more centered towards a compromise between the skunks and earth, flecked by spoiled fruit.


Cerebrally stunning, more mesmerizing than invigorating. I find it strongly calming, even soothing.


Truly a one-off production, this was really cool to experience, thanks to SquidPants for sending it in.

I’m probably on the side that’s superstitious about bag seed, I’d avoid growing them knowingly. However, I can name a few offerings based on bag seed that are very popular. Gage Green’s Joseph is based from an Underdog OG male obtained from bag seed. I’ve grown a descendant a few times (Blessings OG) and haven’t noticed a problem.

There are some pretty good studies on sexual differentiation in Hemp. Here’s one from 2004 where they use a technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to determine the presence of genetic factors that indicate a possibility for intersexed flowers. At home PCR thermal cyclers are available for around $1000CAD , that can detect plant sex with a quick assay. I’d venture to say you could use the same protocol for bag seed, using a different set of genetic identifiers. So I haven’t gone down the road yet, but for Squid’s STFU, looks possible to find a reliable plant from this cross. Would just take some work, a lab bench, and a couple thousand dollars (rounding up, micropipettes are expensive).

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