Squid Pants here with another TCLEWSI entry. 

TCLEWSI; because you just don’t have the money nor the connections needed to pay off the judges in a big name competition!  Pancakenap is still on his expedition to Candyland.  I tried to tell him it was just a kid’s board game but it seems cell reception is terrible in the Candy Cane Forest.  I’ll have to wait until he summits Gumdrop Mountain so there’s a clear line of sight to the cell towers.  Wait a minute, if he’s actually in the Candy Cane Forest. . .

Let’s get back on topic.  Today’s offering is a line bred by some guy named Lavs.  Apparently they decided not to work this line further so this is a case of if you don’t know him, you’ll never experience this one.  A bit of a shame as I liked the profile here.  If you find yourself a bit curious the lineage is in this post and if you are a regular reader you’ll know the inclusion of Malawi landrace genetics gets a huge thumbs up from me as I isolated my own line that I grow on occasion and love.  I must note that this offering had no characteristics of Malawi at least as far as I have experienced it and its main influences seem to come from other ancestral lines.  I thought it might be a Thai cross due to fruity pine but reviewing my notes I see I really sided more with a Jack Herer.  Strong pine and eucalyptus overwhelmed my palette only allowing some sweet fruits through when my senses recovered from the initial onslaught.  I know my associate talks about the drydown experience too but I really don’t have as refined a palate.  After the dominant tastes are all boiled off in the vaporizer I tend to only taste bitter blueberries regardless of cultivar.

Visuals were not to the same standard such that I get why this line was abandoned.  Let’s start with what can be controlled and that is the manicure.  I actually blame myself on this one as I heavily implied by outright stating that I would clean up entries if needed so no one should sweat the prep too much.  Then I saw the piles of weed and actually clued into the amount of work it would involve and just skipped that.  Beyond that buds were small and of not the greatest density.  Points were lost as a result of those characteristics.  One of the questions we asked on intake was about any negative genetic traits that impacted the grow and the grower stated they were not pleased with bud structure.

I do tend to babble on when given the chance, thank you for indulging me if you’ve read this far.  Let’s get on to the stats.

Review Protocol

For these reviews, I’ll be providing my own comments side by side with pancakenap. We’ll show our respective rating for each entry, and how far it was from the contest average decided by all the judges.

Qualitative data for each entry is also shown summarized:

  • Combustion Rating – How well it burned on a 5 point scale
  • Potency Rating – How strong you thought it was on a 7 point scale
  • Longevity Rating – How long the effects lasted on a 7 point scale
  • Anxiety Rating – Amount of anxiety felt, 7 being the highest
  • Stimulation Rating – Sedative to stimulant on a 7 point scale

Notes on the grow from the grower

Runaway Bride

This entry finished fifth out of our thirteen entries.  Consider that second through fourth were in a statistical dead heat and this is a very respectable finish.  A partial breakdown of the individual rankings illuminates that not everyone was as impressed.  Awarded a first place by one judge and seen as silver medal worthy by two more there were also two who ranked the entry in 10th place.

Outside of direct rankings there was disagreement on the flavour profile.  As I said before I found it emphatically not in the sweet fruits and berries realm, though I did mention a taste of tropical fruits.  Others felt the dominant taste was watermelon with one person saying 7Up.  I have no idea if there was variance between buds, perhaps due to location on the plant, or if it’s just differences in taste and scent perception between people.  The takeaway here I think is if you read a review or description on a package for some product you are buying and it claims some flavours but you detect others, it may just be your senses perceive the world a little differently than whoever wrote the ad copy.

Guesses on cultivar, what few there were, are all over the map.  Jet Fuel, Future, Jack Herer, Blueberry Haze.  What ties those together with a common scent and taste theme is beyond me.  I tried to come up with a narrative above that explains the disagreement but clearly I gots nothin.  Nine judges didn’t even try to guess.  There can be great wisdom in silence.



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