Royal High Super Skunk

I attended an infused dinner before Canada legalized. Was just a meet and greet, preliminary event.

After the dinner, someone pulled out some really skunky weed and I can still remember the feeling of smelling it. The pungency was so aggressive, my brain couldn’t rule out the possibility that a skunk had recently sprayed a predator nearby. I looked down the table for someone with a bag out, keeping one eye in the distance, in case a skunk scrambled out of the brush. Spoiler alert, the smell was not from an actual skunk. 

Now, with that lead in, we’re going to review a one gram satchel of United Greeneries Super Skunk. They sell this under a brand they’ve titled Royal High.

At the $12.50 price, it’s hard for me to find a good attribute to work off of. This product suffers in all categories, the olfaction being the most severe. I called the looks neutral, that’s the best part, for what it’s worth. Short story today, but that’s what it amounts to.

Thank you for reading this work, I wish you the best.

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