Today we review something called Mazar x GWS. This is produced by United Greeneries, sold under their Royal High brand.

In summary, the single gram offering is poor value. The measurable features are average, the sensory features are a mix of acceptable and disappointing. This looks better than it smells. It’s dry, and low olfactory magnitude hurts it the most.


This is a Mazar I Sharif (landrace) with a Great White Shark (GWS), and I’m only aware of one seedbank with an offering by that name, World of Seeds. This was my purchase motivation, I’m a fan of World of Seeds, I’ve had good experience growing their stuff.


Standard positive closing statement: would love to see a good rendition of Mazar x GWS. United Greeneries are the only ones doing it right now. So I hope to see this back with better value.

Thanks for reading the review today.

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