New producer today; this is Royal Goddess, produced by CannTx Life Sciences, sold under the brand Royal City.

Thanks for reading this review, written by me, a lover of hot wings.

After I’ve eaten a bunch of hot wings, I like to take my glasses off, get really sweaty, and just pause, to marvel at how my mouth feels. While the burning sensation happens to me, I don’t really think about anything else, I’m pretty much engaged with the feeling, as a function of time before I can eat another hot wing.

Some of the tastes in this Royal Goddess remind me of that experience. The flavour profile wasn’t that peppery, but it did have some heat, and I found a familiar cerebral engagement, particularly while exhaling. Just briefly. Like scanning a room and your eyes stall on a particular person for a noticeable moment. Or one of those hip-hop cut scenes when the powder hits the glass before the frame quickly transitions to a rolled bill, and then an expanding pupil. It’s a brief moment where something in your brain, very gently, says ‘whoa’.


I get this lineage wrong in the formal review, didn’t notice until I posted this review on Reddit and someone told me. Will update the formal review when I have a chance. And thanks to Reddit user u/rmckillo for taking the time to provide the correction.

Parents were Apple Fritter and God Bud. Not Jack Herer x God Bud, as I list it.


Taste profile. Not for magnitude or expanse, but for composition; it’s exothermic, feels loaded.

Value. Quality over the price you pay is a rate well into the consumer’s favour (with respect to the competition in the segment).

Content is 18% THC about; above average, but below the popular measure of 20%. If you skipped this because it’s under 20%, you’re missing out.

Has one or two visual detractions.

I ranked it in the top 10% of my index.

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