Doing BC Rockstar here, a BC staple. This listing is billed as a quad A.


Rockstar is Soma’s Rockbud with Sensi Star, I think that’s the accepted and assumed lineage. There are a few breeders offering a Rockstar, perhaps it’s my nationality, but I’d tell you the most familiar is the BC Bud Depot version, which is different than the traditional Rockstar.

Funny enough, Seedfinder lists BC Rockstar a Bubba Kush, with something called Harmony, not the Rockbud x Sensi Star. Leafly lists it is a Bubba Kush crossed to the original Rockstar, which is also the lineage given in this listing. 

Buyer Motivation

Good previous experience.


Visuals are good. Buds are smaller in size, and triangular in shape. Surface detail is great, very jagged, but creates a sheer face in the overall shape of the flower. Trim is good, there are a few errant stems that are inconsequential.


Pretty firm, above average density, feels like.


Sweet spice, hollow pepper, fuel and dank earth. Not much too it.


Tastes are dirty herb. spicy earths cool slightly by soft vanilla and fruit on the back side.

Value Statement

Single gram price was $6.50, we’re below average for the single gram package size. And a touch below average as you move up to an eighth (<$25), and to an ounce (~$180).


With the size and structure, plus the little bit of trim left, I doubt you can convince half the room that this is a quad, but it does make a decent triple. Either way, olfaction is lacking somewhat.

Consumer Benefits

After you see the whole show, price feels appropriate, this is pretty fair value for the quality.

Consumer Pains

Quad designation brings on high expectations that I’m not sure were met here.


Price, qualitative claim, strain name.


No credit card. There are other more trendy offerings that may channel people away from this relic.

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