Dry, small and characterless, this Blue 98 or Rockstar Kush is another entirely forgettable offering from Aphria sold under their Riff brand.

We’ve seen a slew of poor offerings from Aphria since October 2018. All flowers have been overly dry and smaller in size, and lacklustre overall. We see the same thing here from their Rockstar Kush, or as they call it Blue 98.

Let’s just get it over with, structure of these buds is disappointing, like most of what I buy from Aphria. All buds are small crappy lowers. Look back to the JWC Rockstar Kush for a decent looking Rockstar. Aphria’s version is pathetic.

Moisture content is low, making these buds fragile and dry, which is typical of licensed produced cannabis. Grinds to a fine powder.

Looks ok up close, I notice a bit more amber in the trichomes for what that’s worth. No seeds or other negative aspects to note. Overall, it gets three yawns out of five, solidly forgettable.

The scent of the Rockstar flowers is actually ok, but it only leads to disappointment with the flavour later. The scent has some nice caramels and coffee with some rich earths. It’s rather faint in comparison to other flowers but is slightly enjoyable in isolation.

The flavours here for this Rockstar are completely underwhelming. Much of the taste is monopolized by some nondescript dry earth note entirely unlike a true Rockstar. Some secondary notes are present, but there is little to mention here. I had a similar comment on Aphria’s ‘Jean Guy’, there isn’t enough taste here to embody a full flavour profile.

Aphria’s product quality is reliably low. Most of what we see from this Riff brand has poor visual quality with meaningless character. At worst, it’s a rip-off. At best, it’s forgettable weed.

This Rockstar Kush was priced at $10.33 per single gram at the Alberta Cannabis Store. It sold out within a week, well before I got a chance to tell you how much it sucks, sorry about that.

Next time, try the JWC cultivar under the same name, if you can get it. Tilray has a Rockstar from time to time, so does Whistler. In terms of legal offerings in Alberta, Aphria’s version is the only game in town, so skip it until something better comes along, or go to the 7ACRES Sensi Star for a similar flavour profile.

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