Hey pancakenap here, with a Rockstar.

This is a legacy market offering, so no brand is given and no producer takes credit for it.

As a transition into the next section, a reminder: if I find a point of detraction in the cannabis I’m reviewing, I deduct points if its minor and if its something major I’ll do a tweet with the issue ahead of the review. Here’s the one for this review. 

Also fair to mention, besides the tweet, I do no work to contact the vendor or producer about the findings review. In most cases, the vendor or producer will offer a replacement but I choose to review the package that was originally purchased.

Alright, on with the worst part.


Visuals are bad in general, and I also found a bunch of powdery mildew.

Powdery mildew

I used to be more lax on trim until getting involved with more strict qualitative people. I didn’t think leaving some leaf was a big deal because a vaporizer doesn’t combust, and the trim leaf has some active content anyways. What I learned was the trim leaf can disclose some of the negative elements of the grow; whether it be bugs, discolouration or in the case of this review powdery mildew. 


I called feel good, or neutral. Doesn’t really matter.


I was disappointed by the scent at the time of the review, noting it lacks prominence.


It was in this portion of the review that I noticed the powdery mildew. The vapour was tinged by a musty funk. You could tell immediately.


I’ve probably done over 400 flower reviews on this website. I’ve seen spaces where I’ve been suspicious of powdery mildew, but this is the only one where it has been this bad. I ended up throwing this product out.


Price was $25.60 for a 7 gram package, or $3.66 per gram.

Like I said above, I threw the product out so it’d be hard to relate I got any value from this.


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