Hey pancakenap here. I have an offering by Ritual (Mernova Medicinal) today, this is their HPG13.


This is well grown flower with a basic flavour profile, priced slightly above average. Even thought it appears high quality, the lacklustre flavour it provides is beaten by more modern offerings of mid-range quality.

Cannabis Gifted by WhatsMyPot

One morning I get a message from WhatsMyPot asking if I’d like something from the OCS. My wife just had a baby, they want to send a care package to her and they’d throw in the OCS order as well. So I jump out of bed and start looking at the OCS site for some stuff I can’t get in Alberta. I made a list and WhatsMyPot paid the bill, which was very, very kind of them. So the cannabis for this review, and the next handful of retail reviews were provided by them.

Buyer Motivation

This offering caught my eye because I associated ‘HPG13’ with Bhodi’s ’88G13HP. Turns out the lineage on the two are similar but not the same, which I would have known if I took the time to read the description for this offering on the OCS website. Regardless, that’s what brought me to this listing; I thought I was going to see a Hash Plant that lead to many other popular crosses.

Purchase Date

I’m using the purchase date provided by WhatsMyPot (WMP) and the price displayed at the OCS to run these stats, with the comparative prices from Ontario that we normally use for Squid Pants’ reviews.

Purchase date was April 18 2022, I reviewed it 11 days after on April 29 2022. Packaging date was August 12 2021, which is 249 days before it was purchased by WMP. The packaging length calculated for this review is 130% more than average packaging length of all our purchases (108 days). 


WMP purchased this half quarter (3.5 grams) for $34.97 which is about $0.33 higher than the average for the package size in Ontario over the last 90 days ($34.64) and about $0.55 higher than the average of all Ontario purchases in the review database ($34.97), which is mostly comprised of Squid Pants’ purchases at this time.

Point Summary

I ended up giving this 38/70 points; that’s 18% lower than the average set by all reviewers (46 points), and 14% lower than the score I usually give (44 points).


With respect to the points awarded, I called the visuals slightly above average. The package contained one large bud and one smaller bud about 200mg in weight.


I rated the feel of this product about a third less than average. It was dry and ground to a fine particulate. 


Intensity suffered greatly for this offering, either due to the age of the product or the nature of the profile. Following that, likability suffered as well because there wasn’t much substance there to like.


The front and back of this profile is myrcene flavoured. Secondary notes of floral skunk and nutty herb add depth, but only slightly not for a prolonged period. At its best it’s a blend of earth tones, but quickly becomes monotone. I rated it slightly below average; this is a Hash Plant, so an earth-centred profile should be expected.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the story so far: What’s My Pot purchased this cannabis and sent it to me. I ran the dried flower material through a vaporizer and inhaled the volatile compounds in the vapour. Some of those compounds bound to olfactory receptors which produced a flurry of electrical stimuli that I interpret as taste. I compile this taste experience with my best projection of value for this retail product and I relay the verdict to you, which you either accept or reject.

For this one, it’s well grown, but I’d argue there are better genetics to run to compete in this market segment. Maybe the age of the product was a factor in the lack of olfactory dimension, I feel the simpler conclusion is that modern hybrids offer a better flavour profile.


Thanks again to What’s My Pot for providing the cannabis for this review, and sending it out to me in Alberta. There’s still a couple more to go from this review set.

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