RF x Ze Rosin

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Crossed an Archive Seed’s Race Fuel (Face Off OG x High Octane OG) male to a Jordan of the Islands’ Zeus (Cactus (Afghani x Northern Lights) x God Bud) female.

Grew a bunch of the resulting seeds. Thinned them down to a handful of the females, and found a few worthy of discussion.

Pressed about 20 grams of flower of each into rosin, will do a review of the scent and taste of each.


This plant was most like the sisters of the father.


Scents are rosy floral with a gassy pine backer. Depth is intriguing, unfortunately the magnitude allows for a quick look only.


Flavours are thin resin with deep cherry fruit and sweetened wood. Flavour is rich, but short lived.


This plant was most like its mother.


Scent is earthy fuel with spicy skunk and pine. Character is centred in the earths, and seems subdued.


Tastes are skunky earths and green herb, which gives a clean feel to the frontage. Character is very uniform, and benign.

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