Hey, pancakenap here.

This is a live version of a ranked list of the whole flower retail cannabis reviews I’ve performed.

The list is linked to my notes. When I complete a review, the item will populate here.

Use this dashboard as a way of tracking reviews as they’re completed, before I’ve finalized the formal post.

Three measures are used to create this list:

Every product I buy is placed on a ranking ladder from 1 to n, where n is the total number of products purchased. Each new product is added to the ladder and the total number extends by one. This is typically the last value I enter during a review, it is completely subjective and is representative of my sentiments, or how much I liked the product.


Value is calculated with respect to quality and a few measures on price with resect to the average price of my purchases. Read more about that calculation here.


Quality is determined by visual, feel and olfactory features using a bad/neutral/good rating system. Read more about quality here.

Review Catalog

All reviews are shown sorted by rank. The ones I thought were the best are shown at the top, and the ones I didn’t like as much are at the bottom.

Offerings are colour coded according to price via the legend top right.

Quality and value are shown after the review title. For offerings I’ve reviewed twice, those will be placed separately on the same row, but I’ve averaged their ranks and the placement on the list.

Ways to interact

Hover or tap each row to bring up the full data on the purchase, as well as the notes from the review.

I’ve set this to show only recent reviews. Use the date filter (top left) to change the timeline of reviews shown.


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