This infographic shows high level highlights for all my reviews of retail cannabis. It has a live connection to the database I keep of my personal purchase data and will update periodically as I review new cannabis offerings.

For every review, I use a numerical rank to index each listing according to my perspective on the listing. Reviews are shown below according to the rank, along with the cultivar name, house name, producer, brand and the month the review was completed.

Hover/tap for competitive information on each listing including packaging dates, comparative price information, content information and the price for 100mg of any cannabinoid from that listing.

I also show a small excerpt from the formal review, my ratings on visual appeal, tactile appeal and olfaction. I also provide my closing comments for each review, rank and the difference from the average rank.

Use the highlighter at the top of the graphic to highlight a producer, brand, cultivar or breeder. Use the filter at the top left to restrict the data by product type (whole flower or pre-roll).

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