Thanks for joining my for this review. We’re looking at Redecan, Outlaw.

There’s some adjacency here with Acreage Pharm’s offering of Outlaw Amnesia, which I assumed to be Dutch Passion’s offering of the same name. I paid $13 per gram for the Acreage Pharm single gram a year ago (since lowered to $7.99). Here we review the Redecan version at $7.49.

Some of these reviews I write a lot. Some are just for photos and data. This is the latter; there’s not a lot of fat to chew here.

Strength is price. Weakness is somewhere in the intangibles. Theres an opportunity to bring better quality at this price, and it could be threatened if anyone does a decent haze in the single digit price point. In Alberta, it’s probably the value sativa to beat, and you’ll have to pardon that I’m not so enthused by that.

Ring, ring, readers of pancakenap, I’m phoning this one in today. The real story in the stats, check them out below.

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