Hey, today we’re looking at a Redecan version of TH Seed’s Cold Creek Kush.

There’s actually not a lot of fat to chew here. The trim is liberal and the buds are small. Not sure if you’d call it overboard. Pretty sure you wouldn’t call it good looking. But I wouldn’t fight you on it if you did, you look up close and the surface of the flower looks pretty good. The buds are just small.

I think the lesson I’ve learned by buying single grams from Redecan is that I probably need to buy bigger package sizes to get nicer buds. You could raise your expectations for larger sizes. That’s some safe speculation from yours truly.

Cold Creek Kush is THSeeds MKUltra with something called Chem 91 Skunk VA, and there are a few notable hybrids that have the Chem 91 Skunk. You can see it in derivative in some of the ’91 Krypt that are available from Canada’s producers. The best place I’ve seen it was from something called Deadhead OG by The Cali Connection, which I don’t see available yet. Cold Creek Kush is cool, the better Skunk VA crosses bring the hot funk to a level you don’t see in its hybrids.

Anyways, Redecan Cold Creek Kush, good value here. The sum of its parts land above standard, for a price below the average of my personal purchases. While I wasn’t enthralled by the tastes that’s just my preference, surely it passes the majority of the  measures I can make on it.

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