Red Genes is another home grown creation. Offspring from a F1 cross will lack consistent character, they’ll look like dad, or mom, and everything in between. That’s why I refer to this stage by general name, Red Genes, because it’s really a mixed pool of characters, not just one.

I’m not a breeder, by any acceptable standard. You need a lot of space and probably a liquid chromatography machine. But I tinker along anyways. I don’t have lofty goals for myself, like winning a cannabis cup, I have more realistic goals. Like, maybe one day, if I work really hard, Barney’s Farm might rip off one of my crosses. So, sending that goal out to the universe. Let’s talk lineage.

East Coast Freddy Beach, mom

The Father for this cross is a TGA Subcool test variety (Girl Scout Cookie x Space Queen), you can’t get it anymore. Mom is Freddy Beach from East Coast Seeds (Cotten Candy x Shishkaberry incross). The breeder’s site has gone down, but something tells me it’s not the last we’ll see of Freddy Beach, it is just that nice.

Both parents are indica leaning hybrids. Dad is brings in some goofy lankiness in his offspring but does make certain cookie/cherry phenotypes with aggressive petrols. Mom is the workhorse of the couple; fast flower, short, stout, berry and candy flavours, her phenotypes are flighty with desirable stature.

I usually find this stage finishes about 8-10 weeks, from start of the photo period, the shorter phenotypes finishing sooner (on average). I notice slight variation between leaf width between plants, but not much, neither parent has broad leaves.

TGA Girl Scout Cookie x Space Queen, dad

Last summer was my first experience growing plants outside. This Red Genes plant grew in soil, until it snowed, then I had to bring it inside. Yield was tiny, around 50 grams. Could have been all the smoke we had from the forrest fires, could have been me. I have better success with it indoors, loves to be in hydro, loves the cold.

An F2 is pictured below, I grew it naturally, without training or topping. The apical node seemed to overshadow the other terminal buds in quality. The lowers produced a lot of flowers, which I used to make some really good dry sift hash. This was my first time not topping it, after this experience, I’ll always top it.

The dried flowers usually range from smelling like rosy berry to gingered fuel and muted citrus. During growth, they often smell very bright with soft florals and candied berry, the fuel and ginger flavours tend to come out during curing.

In a vaporizer, this particular Red Gene phenotype had tart flavours. Candy apple, with slight florals, balanced over deep earths, edged by raspy fuel tones. The bottom is expansive, and hollow. The fuel notes stay prominent with use in the vaporizer, before fading to slight berries amongst deep reaching earths.

I’ve been working this one, and I’ve got it to the point where it displays the phenotype I like fairly reliably. Due to my constraints, I’m uncertain if it’s reached full potential, but I’m down to find out anyways. So, if you see me in the wild later this summer, I’d be happy to show it to you. I’m not so arrogant to think my first home grown creation has potential to do anything, but this is actually my 3rd so, figure I’ll roll the dice.

Thanks for reading about my gear! Check you on the next one.

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