Raskal’s OG (Lemon Riot) by Sundial

Hey, doing Sundial today, this is Lemon Riot.

The vendor lists it as Rascal OG. But I’d suggest the assumption that this is actually Raskal’s OG byThe Cali Connection, a popular breeder out of California. If you’re happy calling it Lemon Riot and accepting it at face value, I’d say that would work too.

Lemon Riot is good cannabis. I rated it well, but didn’t enjoy doing so. Quality is admittedly above average, but I stopped short of recommending it.

Sundial doesn’t grow cannabis for people like me. Through their branding, they omit many of the aspects I enjoy about cannabis, like cultivar specific and breeder information, which they replace with a collection of brand and house names. Sundial calls this Lemon Riot and sells it under their Lift series, they don’t mention the lineage or breeder of the cultivar. And while I’ll relate to you that this is still quality cannabis, I have a hard time keeping a good attitude about it.

I write these reviews for the people that consume them, but I also write them for my own enjoyment. I choose to make the leap from Lemon Riot from Rascal OG to Raskal’s OG, and submit to you that I don’t care for this level of branding. Specifically the omission of the cultivar information, makes it seem like you’re playing someone else’s song, but trying to pass it off as your own. Or perhaps, this is a new cultivar and my traditional method of selection betrays me (and you, the reader). Either way, I feel left in the dark. with a bunch of branding that doesn’t speak to me. So yeah, I purchased this cannabis and wrote the review on it. It’s good quality comparatively, fair is fair, but I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t really feel good saying that.

Alright let’s look at this above average quality cannabis. Check it out, I think you can tell I was way more enthusiastic about it while writing the review.

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