Hey pancakenap here. I’m growing Scavengers Daughter by Rare Dankness.

As I’ve reviewed Squid Pant’s Thai a few times I’ve become taken with the flavour profile and wanted to try growing one myself.


The cultivar Squid Pants grows is called Wild Thailand by World of Seeds. I was checking around one day and Rare Dankness has something somewhat adjacent; a Cambodian landrace crossed with their Neville’s Wreck male. Which is the same male that makes a Ghost Train Haze, Moonshine Haze, and many others in their stable.

When I began to research the cultivar, I wasn’t able to find much info on it. Actually when you google just Scavenger’s Daughter, it starts with medieval torture devices, but if you go any further than page 2 it gets pretty weird, pretty quick. So I thought I would do a quick journal on it, with a timeline and some photos from the grow.


Lineage is Neville’s Wreck against a Cambodian Landrace. The breeder describes the plant as a high yielder, that’s not for the beginner grower, so I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what that means.

Scavengers Daughter Grow Method

This plant grew in a NFT system (and the plants) as described in this post.


I started tracking time for this plant at the transition period.


The plant grew about 36 inches high. It was topped once and grew multiple branches. Flowering length was 108 days. By that time it had lost its fan leafs and growth had slowed. I photographed the trichomes and decided it was probably time to take it in, but I felt like I might have been able to push it longer.

This particular plant was pretty well behaved. I got away without using a trellis and the plant didn’t topple over. I do suspect it may have if I would have grown it properly.

Sources of Error

As this was my first run in the NFT system, this Scavengers Daughter plant was subjected to multiple sources of error.

  • Nutrient issues
    • I found this was more sensitive to nutrients than the other plants I was growing in the space. You may have noticed from the photos above that the plant is displaying some signs of nutrient deficiency. If I were to redo this grow again, I may not grow a mix of different plants in the same system as they seemed to have varying appetites. I was also trying out new nutrients on this run, so may have been some feeding errors on my part.
  • Light leaks
    • This plant grew in a 8x 8 tent within a larger room. I run each space on 12/12 lighting timers on opposite cycles, which I suspect has led to some stress to the plants inside the tent. However, as far as I can tell from wet trimming, it did not affect this plant.
  • Training
    • Was probably a mistake not to grow this plant under a trellis. Yield would have benefited, I imagine. 
Harvest Photos

I clipped one of the main branches for photos prior to wet trim.


Most of the sources of error I noted above were more related foolish practices in my grow room; light leaks and nutrient issues. As I’ll detail below, I was only able to complete 1 of 3 Scavengers Daughter plants I grew last year, so I suppose I must relate that I found it more difficult to grow.

Hydroponic Failure

I grew the plant featured in this review alongside another Scavengers Daughter plant in the NFT. During the vegetative cycle of this grow I had an issue with pH that caused the featured plant to burn during the transition period. I moved it out of the NFT and back into the vegetation DWC to repair the damage. During this time the other plant continued to flower with the rest of the tent.

One day during inspection I found a banana in the Scavengers Daughter plant and pulled it. In retrospect I should have just left it. Now that I’ve harvested the tent, I had multiple issues of bananas, which I’ve attributed to the light leaks (and likely, nutrient issues) noted above.

Soil Failure

I started growing a Scavengers Daughter female in soil outdoors over summer and brought it in for the winter. It was a grand plant, I wish I could have shown it here. I installed a tomato cage in the pot the plant was in, but by the time I had brought it in, the lower arms had well surpassed the tomato cage and I had to loop the apical meristem around the top of the cage to curb its height.

This plant grew under a 1000w HPS light in the space outside the 4×8 tent. I like to run the HPS in the space to keep the heat in the winter, but temperatures got so cold over the holidays and the HPS wasn’t enough. It was one of three plants flowering in the space, and they all died mid-flower.

Up Next

At the time of writing the Scavengers Daughter plant has been drying for a day. I’ll be back with a review of the dried flower, and weights.

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