Looking at an unbranded version of Archive’s Rainbow Driver. We’ve seen a great home grown version of this previously, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this stacks up.

Buyer Motivation

Fan of the breeder, seen it via home grown previously


Visuals are good. Shape is rounded conical. Size varies, but all buds show similar development. Size isn’t full, I tend to see the bud as a compilation of nodes instead of one unit. Colouring is typical, coverage isn’t notable with the naked eye. Trim is ok, with some rougher sites.


Good feel, firm around the nodes, and makes function grinds.


Frontage is clean linen and soapy pine.


Pine to full bodied wood to earthy lows. Varnished soap bisects all notes, brining a raspy nature to the profile.

Value Statement

Price was $5.79 per gram, or about a $160 zip. The price point favours the consumer, but it’s getting to the threshold where you have to wonder if there’s something wrong with it.


Makes a good impression and comes with good character. Doesn’t surpass the rich flavour I’ve seen from this cultivar from other growers, but still was a respectable rendition.

Consumer Benefits

Value for money. Price point. Availability.

Consumer Pains

Lacks many features like plump buds, lux colours and blaring olfaction.


Breeder. Price point.


Payment options, buying sight unseen.

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