Grew some seeds I made summer 2020, they were fathered by Archive Seed’s Race Fuel and mothered by Rare Dankness’ Ox Piss.


This was one of the few plants completed during a timing issue I found myself in. These plants were kept in DWC under a HPS light running 24 hours per day in an unheated space.

When moving plants from the vegetative raft to the flowering space, I noticed the strange growth. A few of the plants were like this, and it wasn’t just this line that had the issue. You can see from the post below, the consensus I gathered was the plant had begun re-vegetating.

Which then, I must surmise, means the plants had gone into flowering previously, without me noticing. Instead of troubleshooting the problem, I culled the affected plants, and moved the vegetative raft to a heated space for a second attempt later on.

The rest of the grow was completed as per usual. I use DWC to grow the plants under LED light.

As mentioned above, one plant from this line made it maturity, so I pulled a bud off the dry rack early, cleaned it up by hand and took a few pictures of it. Thought it’d do a quick run down on it.


There are nicer buds on this plant than the one I selected here, better in shape and size typically. Once I got through all the trim leaf, this one turned out to be frosty, but when you look up close all the trichomes are unripe or opaque. I can find only 1-2 ambers.


It feels too wet and you have to really turn it in the grinder. The grinds actually turn out pretty fluffy.


Smell is like a herby skunk which bites with raspy onion. It’s a bit one dimensional, hope that’s just because I pulled it off the dry rack early.


Surprisingly, tastes are gassy earths soured with skunky pine. Character rides the line between a Bubba Kush and a Rockstar, with some funky herbals that define the finish.


I like it for balance, there are aggressive tones present but they’re contained within some comfortable flavours. My criticism on it is the profile really doesn’t depart much from the tastes of more common offerings in the market.

I’m going to dry and cure the flower, and check back with another rendition of the above.

RMay 24 2021

Back again on this. Made a few notes.

Feel is dry but internally ok. Seems to be some separation between the two; feels dry but does impress well for some reason.

Smell is dirty fuel with rotten fruit grace notes. The profile is mildly displeasing, which I appreciate. Lacks definition and longevity.

The profile is smooth pine with polite gas, all marred by a skunky smear. A fuel laden fog defines the finish, and leaves a bit of heat, cerebrally. 

I’m critical on the definition, tastes like a flat plane without much peak, or valley. My feeling is the critical elements are more related to the grow, but it could also be related to genealogy, more specifically, the Race Fuel male. 


Cool, so, I’m fairly unhappy with the grow. I suspect most of the issue is coming from post production, but I also think there’s some residuals happening with the aquaponic fertilizer I’m using.

Since this grow, I’ve changed from a DWC tub setup to NFT setup. The NFT uses the same components as the DWC (air pump, water), which I’ve bottom fed with the water input into a 4′ vertical column that exhausts to the NFT run. The reservoir has been moved outside the grow space, which should help with water temps and root rot this summer.

I also bought salt based fertilizer, and will not use aquaponic water, to see if I notice a difference in taste.

Back again soon with another try.

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