Race Fuel x Black Pineapple

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Tracking the first grow of seeds I made from a Race Fuel male plant, bred by Archive Seeds, and a Black Pineapple female plant, bred by Mosca.


The father is a OG Kush hybrid, a cross of Archive’s Face Off OG and another OG Kush called High Octane OG.

The mother, Black Pineapple, is a Cinderella 99 x Love Potion, crossed to Pakistani Chitral Kush. I’ve grown it for a few seasons; great plant, very strong structure, makes cool colours, but the tastes bore quickly.

Grow of black pineapple

This post joins this grow already in progress.

Outlining the work done so far; several seeds were germinated, and grown in a small DWC hydroponic setup. Females were identified, males were culled. Lowers were stripped for cloning, and the mature plant was placed in a flowering setup, which is a NFT hydroponic system. The plant has been flowering for about 5 days.

Gantt Chart

Like the chart for Parkland Flower’s VKush, I’m tracking the timing of this plant via spreadsheet.

The dashboard below visualizes the data. Hover over the data for more info in the tooltip (which is about the only thing you can do with the chart at this stage).

Be back with flowering photos. Also, this is new plant, and new grow setup, so could still go down in flames. So, either way, I’ll be back with something.

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