Hey pancakenap here, we’re doing Seed Junky’s Kush Mints again. This one is from Qwest Reserve.

This review is part of a pair of Kush Mint reviews. I purchased two similar offerings of the same name and breeder. And I reviewed them within a short time period of each other.


I called visuals bad. The 3.5g package was comprised of smaller buds, some medium sized. Colouring of the actual flower is good, but is offset by the trichome coverage, which is good, but aging, which has shifted the colouring towards yellow or brown hues. Trim is ok, but left rough in some places. Especially on the larfy buds.


Feel is very firm and dense. Not dry. I called it neutral.


Smell is subtle clay earths and weak spice.


Tastes are cool, creamy earths with a tinge of pine and tile cleaner. The profile is comprised of softer tastes, but the pronunciation is full. Longevity suffers some. Lacks detail overall.


The tone of the review is set upon opening the package; presentation was really poor. The tastes weren’t enough to curb the disappointment.


Original price on this offering was $64 for a 3.5g gram package. I bought it on sale for $41.99, or a 35% discount off the retail price. None of the qualitative elements were good so even at the discounted price I expect value to be calculated somewhere below average, which I would relay to you was my experience purchasing this product.

Kush Mints

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