Today we continue our quest with Bhodi’s Goji OG, by looking at one produced by a company called Qwest. Also called We Grow BC, which isn’t as slick if you ask me.


Quick check on the lineage for Goji OG, it’s a Nepal OG crossed to Bhodi’s Snow Lotus.


I’d relate the visuals as good, but they’re a collection of great, and fair features. Size is excellent, I received plump buds; even the smaller few had good density. Development is standard but trim is lacking, they conflict visually.


Feel is tender. Buds are dense so can only be compressed part ways. Good return. No crackle. Ideal.


Frontage on the scents are a wealthy composition of many characters. Volatile fuel mixed to fierce citrus, over a slightly sweet berry midriff, which transitions to strong pine with long reach into dank lows.


Frontage on the flavours is soapy berry, backed by peppered fuels, mated to pine who’s dank edges taint the profile slightly. The fuel tones seem muted, you feel them in the sinus more prominently their taste is less perceptible.


Price on this half quarter was $45.99, or $13.14 per gram, on sale. I’d relate good favour for the price point I paid, although I wouldn’t want to walk further along that avenue. Quality was enough to leave me wanting more, the price wasn’t high enough for me to feel bad about it.

I’d argue Quest has wide appeal in the $40-$50 range. When a high priced brand goes on sale, it’s pretty enticing. I know Qwest as a $55-70 eighth; been watching them for a while. Being able to see their product at a reasonable price is an opportunity I jumped at.

Still a >$40 eighth with no bulk discount. An ounce costs $368.


Qwest Goji OG, I tried this alongside the Tantalus Lab’s version of Goji OG. Both share similar space but this version was more rugged; has rougher edges with more aggressive olfaction. If I had to complain about it, the trim is the feature I’d say was most disappointing. If you can handle the higher than average price point, there’s little lacking with this offering. 



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