Reviewing a wax product here. This is Qwest’s sub-brand Blendcraft, and the product is called Sativa Wax.

Review Protocol

This is the first wax review I’ve performed. Just going to give sensory analysis, no price analysis.

Also not going to use the Volcano that I usually do, I’m using a Puffco Peak to vaporize this product.


Found a hair, or fibre in the wax. Under good light, it was fairly easy to spot.

I just picked it out. You might feel different about it, and talk to the producer or vendor. They might do something for you. These reviews work better if I keep quiet, so I haven’t given the producer or vendor an opportunity to rectify this situation.


Bad, there’s hair. Otherwise, consistency is wetted wax. Colour looks good, more sandy-brown than amber.


Gassy pine and slight fruit. Depth is thin but the magnitude and longevity of the notes are good, they don’t quit or die off.


Frontage on the tastes are gassy pine and fruity chemical. Hits the palate flat, all at once and is a lot to sense.


The tastes were very similar to what I found with Qwest’s Goji OG.

Price was $35, for a half gram.

I compare it with my home made rosin, to which this wax tastes clearer, for longer. It also leaves less residue in the bottom of the Peak’s receptacle.

Apart from the hair, my impression of the quality was positive, and my sentiment on the price paid is poor. 

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