I divide sensory elements for the whole flower cannabis on the basis of visual features, the feel, and the scent/taste. I apply a good/neutral/bad rating to each category. In this post, I’ve applied the table below to calculate numerical values from each of the ratings:

  Good Neutral Bad
Visuals 3 1 0
Feel 3 1 0
Scent/Taste 7 2 0

The best offerings get a 13, the worst will get 0; the current average is 6.7.

This post deals with this calculation of quality across a few levels of details. First I show the granular data by every offering reviewed, then we move to facet the data towards other areas of the market. 

Topics include:

Quality by Offering

Quality by Brand and Producer

Quality by Vendor Type and Vendor

Quality Over Time and Price

Quality Over Amount Purchased

Quality by Offering

Here’s a run down of every whole flower offering reviewed, with the conversion noted above applied. Higher quality items are shown on top, lower quality items are shown at the bottom. 


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