We use a short questionnaire to evaluate each cannabis product we review. The scope of the questionnaire includes a qualitative portion, where we award points for certain sensory attributes. The qualitative portion sums to 70 points and we can compare offerings on that basis. We plot this sum for each offering reviewed on our list of reviews post.

Now that we have a few reviews in the database, we can calculate the standard deviation from the median value, cluster offerings on that basis and apply letter grades to each offering in the cluster.

Grade Dashboard
Criteria Score Standard Deviation 

At the top left we show the distribution of criteria scores we’ve logged (circles), and the standard deviation calculation (shaded areas).

Scores more than 1 standard deviation below average will fail. Scores more than a half standard deviation below average may as well have failed, they will get a D. C grade cannabis is within a half deviation on each side of the median score. B grade cannabis is above one half deviation from the median, and A grade cannabis is a full deviation above the average.

Click/hover each circle for the score, grade and name of the offering.

Grade Counts

In this bar graph we’re showing the number of reviews by each grade, and the % of total reviews for each grade.

% of Recommendable by Grade

Our evaluation uses a hypothetical ‘would you recommend this to someone?’ question. Here we break down the total number of reviews by grade and recommendation (yes/no).

Below, we add the average price for each grade and separate reviews by whether they were recommended or not. 

Breakdown of Major Stats by Grade

Shown below is a breakdown of purchase stats (left) and sensory evaluation (right) by the grade awarded. We’ve included it to show the span of data for each grade.


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