Purple Punch

Next up during the course of the 2019 Hempfest reviews I performed is Purple Punch, a very popular cultivar from a US breeder.


Purple Punch is a cross of Larry OG and GrandDaddy Purp. Originally bred by Super Nova Gardens, like many other really popular cultivars, you can find Purple Punch or copies thereof, offered by many different breeders. There are also a few notable cuts that exist for Purple Punch, such as the Alpha cut that lead to In House Genetic’s Slurricane.

Guess on Cultivar

I guessed this Purple Punch was an ‘Afghani type’. Which is a safe guess, I didn’t really venture out on a limb. I was unable to find the olfaction here, which may have contributed to my ambiguous guess. Either way, I should have made an actual guess. In middle school, my band teacher always said, if you’re going to make a mistake, I want to hear you going for it. I don’t feel like I went for it here.

Cannabinoid Content

The content for Purple Punch landed about average compared to all entrants in the contest. The entries were tested by Keystone Labs for not just THC and CBD, but for CBDV, CBG and CBN as well. One of the interesting things to note is this particular grow made about 3x more CBG than it did CBD.

Thanks for reading today’s review. On the basis of sheer popularity, put Purple Punch on your list. We don’t have one legally available at the time of writing here in Canada. Don’t dismay, the parental generation is available, Aprhia grows Grandaddy Purp and Emblem has a Larry OG. You can mix them together and use your imagination. Bad joke, but I assure you, I am going for it.

Next week we do Dreamsmasher Haze.

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