Purple Punch by Paradise Wellness Center (Cream of the Crop)

Today we look at Purple Punch, another offering purchased from a Californian dispensary. Of all the offerings I purchased, this was the only one not branded for dispensary (Urbn Leaf). It wasn’t suggested by the budtender, I specifically asked for a Purple Punch and purchased the one suggested to me.

Purple Punch is known to be a cross of Larry OG and GrandDaddy Purple but I cannot properly attribute the cultivar to a breeder (edit: here is the instagram for the creator of Purple Punch, Super Nova Gardens). I’d regard it as trendy, though it has perhaps passed the edge of popularity in California. It’s also a good example of the degree of error possible when selecting by name only. This says Purple Punch on the label but, apart from personal experience, there’s no other indication that this is actually Purple Punch. We proceed regardless.

This specific offering was cultivated by Paradise Wellness Centre. This was not branded for the store instead, the producer uses a brand called Cream of the Crop.

In terms of content, THC is actually mid range, less than half of the claimed content of the Sour Diesel Lemon we previously reviewed, and slightly below average for what I observe in Canadian legal cannabis. Just as an aside, the same testing lab, Infinite Chemical Analysis, did the testing for both the Sour Diesel Lemon and this COTC Purple Punch.

The date harvested for this Purple Punch was September 17th 2018 and it was packaged 1.5 months later on October 31 2018. We get a testing date on this, two days before packaging. Most interestingly, it has a best before date, which is 91 days after the packaging date. However, I was lucky enough to purchase it 120 days after the packing date or, a dangerous 29 days after the the best before date.

Visuals are way up there, amongst the best. In terms of colouring, these flowers show more purple than green, but perhaps even more prevalent is trichome coverage– its paved.

My one gram container had three buds in it, the largest weighed between 0.4-0.5 grams. Leaning towards spherical in shape, the buds are adequately dense, but dry to the point of being brittle, they can be crushed by hand.

Scent of the flower is creamy berry with biting low tone citrus. I found the profile lacking in depth, with not many top notes to speak of. The low tones interpret sweet with grippy edges, which seem to make up for the lack of presence on top of this profile.

Flavours on this purple punch are few and far between, there’s not much character to speak of. The profile is a slight berry light citrus with little composition, fairly uniform and forgettable.

Price on this single gram was $20USD or $26.65CAD, higher than any other listing in our market, legal or otherwise. I can find some $22 grams in our Canadian market (from Whistler and Get White Palm’s Aged Greasy Death Bubba), but this is my first purchase over the $25 per gram mark.

Value was low for me, mostly due to the poor olfactory quality I perceived. Yes, it came in a fancy package (that I threw in the garbage) and yes, the colouring was nice to look at but ultimately, they are secondary features; the taste is what I really wanted. For the price paid, I expected worlds better performance.

Like I said above, there’s no legal source of Purple Punch flowers in Canada but the parents, GrandDaddy Purple and Larry OG, are available. I’ve tried Aphria’s version of GrandDaddy Purple and Emblem’s Larry OG— can’t say I would recommend either, both were poor in their own way.

In terms of growing the Purple Punch, I’d skip a generation and look to Symbiotic’s Purple Punch 2.0, for two reasons. One, Purple Punch is a general name with no associated breeder (that I could find), I’d be a bit hesitant to spend 4 months growing some random version. Two, Symbiotic has some notable popularity right now. I’d start with them because, well, when product quality is not promised, it’s somewhat comforting to go with the brand that looks the most capable. Which is the logic that brought me to purchase this bud, after the best before date, so what do I know really?

Let’s close this with a quick check on what I said at the top of this review; is Purple Punch a trendy cultivar? On the day of writing, I can find about 109,000 dried flower listings in North America (via a listing aggregator), and we’ll use this pool to check on prevalence and expense for Purple Punch. I’ve also included the parental cultivars and Blue Dream, as it is often amongst the most commonly listed cultivars. I’ll also add a filter to switch between countries.

Looking at the graph, I’d still call Purple Punch trendy. It is comparatively more prevalent in the USA, but not at the level of something like Blue Dream. Purple Punch price is also comparatively higher (amongst the listings used for comparison). Also note that it has a higher listing count and price than both its parents.

Purple Punch seems to lack presence in Canada. Both parents have higher listing counts, but the average price over the 9 stores and deliveries listing it is a bit higher. Strangely enough, none of the vendors with Purple Punch are located in BC, most are on the East side. Perhaps the reason for the low prevalence is regional culture, timing or market preference but, given its popularity in the US, it may have untapped potential for Canada as well.

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