Looking at Purple Punch today.

I first encountered this cultivar in San Diego, paid $20USD for a gram. Came in a cute little bottle and was wildly disappointing. Check the review out here.


Supposed to be a Larry OG with a GrandDaddy Purple.

Buyer Motivation

Strain notoriety.


Good visuals here. The flower is rounded and shapely, hardly making a sharp angle. Colouring is deep green on earthy orange. Trichome coverage looks lacking, the colour of the flower shines through. Trim is appropriate.


Rock hard feel, impresses on itself


Scents are low tone earths, chalky and dry, somewhat smokey, buzzing the sinus upon inhalation. You can feel this profile more than you can smell it.


The profile hits the palate with hollow earths, opposed by herbs and spice in staccato. Character is calming, yet fairly ambiguous, and one dimensional.

Value Statement

Single gram price is $6.40, that’s an $180 ounce, or a $22 eighth. Below average for a single gram package, and pretty comparable to competitive pricing on the larger package sizes.


Maybe unpopular to say, but Purple Punch doesn’t make that great of an impression. Or I haven’t seen a good one yet. Makes a good hybrid, but not a great cultivar.

Consumer Benefits

Cross Purple Punch off your list for not a bad price.

Consumer Pains

Lack of olfactory depth.


Strain name. Alliteration.


Payment types, return buys.

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