Hey pancakenap here, reviewing Purple Moonlight.

Like the Gas Daddy review, I’m just phoning this in for awareness. This one has a unique flavour profile, that I didn’t prefer but still thought it was wild enough to talk about. Read back about the load of powdery mildew I received from this vendor, and I hope you’ll pardon me for my lack of enthusiasm. Might be the same grower, might not. There are no brands or producers given at this particular vendor, so I’d say its best to assume every offering has been affected.


Grape Chem Sour X Legend Orange Apricot, as given by the vendor.


Large buds. Thick shape comprised of many nodes. Colouring is light brown on light green. Trichome coverage isn’t great but doesn’t lack. I found several partially developed seed pods.


Buds are very firm. They don’t impress well with a pinch but do make fluffy grinds.


The frontage is spicy menthol with nutty fruit against an herbal backer. The fruit note spans the vertical of the profile, influencing the nutty bottom and the spicy top.


This complex flavour profile has acidic fruit frontage with a spicy herbal base that interprets like soy sauce. The fruit aspect monopolizes the palate and the neutral protein plays secondary. I’d liken it towards a strangely spiced Island Sweet Skunk.


Price for the quarter was $36, or $5.14 per gram. That includes a 25% bulk discount. I’d relate its probably creeping towards average price; the profile was unique but quality wasn’t exceptional. I think you can spend the same amount on tested product with the same quality. 

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