Checking out an Ethos offering grown by @donfazool today, this is Purple Majik.


This is a Herijuana x Orange Skunk cross called Mandarin Sunset (also by Ethos) with an Heirloom Purple cultivar.

If you’ve tried Habitat Life’s Cake, Mandarin Sunset appears there as well (with Archive’s Do-Si-Dos).


The surface of the bud is deep violet and green, against auburn stigma and a good coat of trichomes. Color shifts towards neutral brown tones, the colouring of the flower isn’t enough to push past the prominent trichome coverage and stigma. 


Feel is firm, the bud was large and got squished during shipping.


Frontage on the scents are brightly spiced berry, backed with tropical fruit. The berries take the character of the profile, the note seems to include crisp tart like a white grape and the darker, dank berry aspect that carries the profile downwards, near cool mint.


Heat brings out skunky fruit from the midsection. The composition hits flat, cloyed by a sweet leathery note which coats the palate like a viscous liquid. The flavour profile rounds out with earthy linen, the latter becoming more prominent when exhaling. Sweet herbs and leathers bring the flavours to brighter spaces but character here is baritone, low and melodic.


Thanks to @donfazool gifting their homegrown cannabis so we could all take a look at it. Check out the rest of their last grow at this link, Thanks for reading!

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