Thanks for joining me for the review today, it’s the last of this batch of Pure Sunfarm’s reviews, White Rhino.

By now we’ve looked at three single grams from this producer. I’ve made my observations and set the stats within the context of my single gram purchases. That’s probably doing it wrong. I prefer single grams for the variety, and I miss the value of buying in bulk. From looking at pictures of purchases from larger package sizes, I think you may also get larger buds.

You can look back to my other Pure SunFarm reviews. The summary is simple. White Rhino isn’t the most drawing name in cannabis right now, or this decade, but the product quality is good enough to create value at the asking price. Larger package sizes are available, with a competitive bulk discount.

Although I wasn’t thrilled by the profile, I thought the quality for money was in good ratio. I ranked it after Broken Coast’s Quadra, and before a Sensi Star I should have been harder on.

Thanks for reading today’s review.

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