The part of me that waded through expensive cannabis that didn’t meet the minimum standard of quality loves Pure SunFarms. But really, their stuff isn’t anything that special. Their cutting edge is they bring a good product, at a fair price in a market where most don’t, or can’t.


Island Honey is a Jack Herer crossed with a Sensi Seed called Early Pearl, which is a sativa hybrid that does well outdoors in Northern climates, due to its hardiness, and shorter flowering time. From the Seedfinder description, Early Pearl was the best of three sativa hybrids Sensi was testing in the mid-eighties. The breeder’s description touts the benefit of Early Pearl in further hybridization, and there appear to be a ton of Early Pearl hybrids, so plenty of room to continue the story, if this Island Honey profile meets your fancy.


The quality is acceptable. Smells better than it looks, which is what you want from something that looks like this. Maybe I’m a bit too tough here, this was a single gram, packaged in one of those bags capable of bringing a 3d shape to the second dimension.

Size was there, the single gram arrived in 3 buds, no shake. Trim is lacking, some areas have leaf left, some topsides are cut into the calyx. Beyond the minimus, I’d argue there’s no frills.

Like I said above, smell and taste sensations were in enough magnitude to decide if you like it, or not. I personally wasn’t thrilled by it, but I wouldn’t tell you to miss it based on that alone. 


Buying a gram of weed isn’t like buying a 10 million dollar home, or a Lambo with spinning Daytons (assuming on both). Depending on how often you purchase, the extras you get buying in the upper tier prices might be worth the expenditure. Those following popular trends in the market might not find much draw to a Jack Herer, Early Pearl cross, although I probably feel it’s worth a gander.

If you take one step back from the purchase requirements above, this becomes becomes viciously competitive, with deep reach. Not just with the current recreational market, legal or not, but also in the high service markets, the guys who walk it into your house for under $170 an ounce. Or for seniors, those buying cheap weed from their neighbour’s niece, and smoking it on the balcony of their long term care home. Are they getting better value than this?

I’ll check back with PSF later to see their consistency, which I expect to be good. Within the price maximum (<$8.50 single gram), they’re easily above average. Of course, I am writing this from the future, so I know this story on high value offerings will continue, as I review cannabis I purchased from Shelter Market.

Value Purchases

Shown below, my single gram purchases under $8.50. This Island Honey was about mid-range in the group, but still, well above average with respect to all reviews.

Just an aside, after I write the scent notes, I’ll look at the calculated figures and place this offering in a ranked index of everything I’ve purchased since Fall 2018. There’s no formula; I balance the qualitative observations with the product’s price, which is a major component to my purchase sentiment. In terms of translation to you, the reader, several degrees of error exist.

The one I’ll mention, because it effected this review, is the affect a below average price has on me, and the decrease shortly afterwards. I’d chalk it up to consumer conditioning. For offerings below average, I’m lenient for the first review, because I’m heavily weighting the break in price. After a few purchases at that price point, I’m like Shania Twain, “that don’t impress me much”. 


Single Gram Purchases Under $8.50CAD
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