Even though it came at such a low price, taking the good with the bad is a losing proposition on this offering of Death Bubba by Pure SunFarms.

Hey pancakenap here, for Death Bubba. This one’s done by Pure SunFarms.

Pure SunFarms

I like PureSunFarms. They were one of the first brands to bring in a pricing model that’s inline with the prices consumers were conditioned to pay previous to Canada’s legalization, and their products are consistently in the top ten of all dried flower SKUs. Not so much this Death Bubba, but their Pink Kush has been in the top 3 a lot this year.

Anyways, this is a negative review, thats why I’m buttering it up with all this nice stuff. Let’s get to it.


Aged, unkempt and stemmy; death is the operative descriptor here. Brown in colour, oxidized trichome appearance, trim is very poor with multiple stems throughout, looks careless. Development is good. Shape and size varies.


Feel is ok, leans dry.


Sweet earths with slight metallic funk.


Tastes dry and dusty mixed to a subdued profile that is vaguely reminiscent of Death Bubba.


Price was $4.34 per gram, from a quarter ounce (7 grams). Total was $30.36 at the vendor (Shopper’s Drug Mart).


With a 34% discount from the average price I’ve paid for a quarter ounce, value comes out to be average.


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