I did a vape cartridge review a while back. Didn’t really enjoy it, but I did find the convenience intriguing. 

Friday night is TV night in my house; usually watch a movie or a TV show. Most of my weed stuff is upstairs, and deciding what to bring down to TV night is always a difficult choice. Thats where I thought a vape pen could come in and add some convenience to my night.

So I had that in the back of my mind when I got an email from someone in Pure SunFarms who wanted to announce their oil products were coming out (and send me a candle), which was nice of them. A while afterwards the candle arrived and my girlfriend promptly took it. I asked her to let me know when she lights it and she told me that it’s a summer fragrance, so I would have to wait next summer.


A while later I was in a dispensary, and spent $30 on this vape cartridge. I waited until a Friday night, and decided to write this review by logging every time I took a draw from the vape pen, and making comments throughout.

Below I’ve plotted the number of draws over the time I took to write the review. Hover/tap for info about each data point. Notes are given where applicable.

After the the review, I put the pen down. Fall asleep on the couch. Wake at 11:06pm. Get up. Somewhat dizzy. Quick nighttime routine before I go to bed.

When I wake up the next morning there is a slight off taste in my mouth. I still feel slightly drowsy. I take a photo of the amount left in the cartridge, and place it back in the package.

I had a headache until mid afternoon.

I do not plan on using the rest of it.


If I could list only one area that needs improvement it would be the flavour; I found it displeasing, like decarboxylating dried flower.

I found this made me intoxicated, to the point where I was dizzy and suffered a headache the next day, which is not normal for me.

The price was the most attractive element. And, even though I reported the effects were rather severe, I hardly used any of the oil in the cartridge.

This left me wondering if there’s anyone making an unflavoured vape cart yet. I’m pretty certain the answer is no. 

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