Thanks for joining me today, we’re looking at a Pink Kush.

This is cannabis grown on a Canadian coast that is available via an unlicensed dispensary. I was gifted the cannabis by the grower, who asked not to be named. They did submit this to me for a thorough review, so I’m prepared to make some critical comments should the need arise.


Grow was in organic soil with home made compost, worm castings, and powdered fertilizers, plus kelp, molasses, and probiotic ‘bokashi’ tea.


Visuals are great overall. Shape and size are above acceptable. Colouring is interesting, swaying from deep purple to light green as you move through the buds. Development is good with a few fox tails towards the crown of the bud. The surface of the flower is more fluffy than rumpled; well defined but not pumped up.

There is some trim left on the flower. I looked on the back for bugs, saw none.


Feel is dead on ideal. A slight dry crackle is emitted when I depress the buds, which impress and return. Feel is dry but the give is spongy. Has the moisture content that it smokes well but the grinds aren’t so cohesive that performance is impeded when I squish it between two screens in a vaporizer.


Top range links with gasses and flat fruit, edged with rot, to form something that hits deep in the sinus, widening the channel. Hits from the low side with high side magnitude. Midrange of clean pine and gassy solvent overtop a floral base, deep with herbs and gassy earths. Powdered sweets finishes the profile, leaving good balance.


Frontage on the flavours is spicy gas, with floral wake. Comfortable earths balance the profile with sweet powders that are discernible both on the top and bottom. This profile feels bent into itself. Gassy pine and funky herbals characterize the finish, leaves a clean cool feeling on the next inhale. Longevity is good for both taste and vapour production, the profile loses its sweet side with use.

The profile has the right notes in the proper magnitudes to characterize it as a Pink Kush, but the selling points are expanse and the detail within. For instance the profile delves into some deep herbal tones which pronounce fairly raspy next to the gassy earths. When I returned to this flower, I found myself noticing the herbals more and more, trying to see if/how they change as I move from bud to bud.


Not usually part of my home grown reviews, but I couldn’t help looking up the actual listing for this cannabis. I couldn’t find it, but I was able to find a few comparable listings. This is about a $30 eighth, and bulk discounts scale up to a $180 ounce. My opinion on the price is it’s in reasonable range; the eighth is expensive but they give a good discount at the ounce.


Thanks to the unsung gifter of this cannabis. Quality was excellent overall, but the dimension in the taste is what sets it apart. Was a treat to see.

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