Price Per Gram and Rank, Retail Cannabis Reviews2 min read

For this view on my personal purchase data, we check on my preference for value, by looking at the subjective rank I apply to each offering by the price I paid for it.

One of the dimensions I review on is price, so unlike my look at cannabinoid content against rank, I expect to see strong support for the trend in this data. I deliberately try to give a better rank to offerings with a higher value proposition. More often than not, I rank the offering before I calculate the comparative market information, hopefully restricting the rank to ‘my idea’ of the value of the cultivar, which may not always be accurate… this is a good check to see how I did.

As is the nature of retail, every listing of retail cannabis has a price. As such, we can look at this view regardless of vendor. The top chart shows the price per gram of my purchases across any vendor, producer and package size, by rank. I’ve shown a trend line and some statistical values (r² and p-value) to support the trend. At the time of writing, I see partial support for the gradual trend shown in the chart.

Additionally, support for the trend increases as the dataset is restricted to the top 50 ranked offerings. Suggesting I may more accurate at ranking closer to the trend for listings a feel are ‘comparatively better’. Also interesting to note, in the top ten of ranked listings, support for the trend decreases again, but not below a minimum level of support for the hypothesis. I’ve left the filter at the top of the infographic so you can verify the change in p-value as well.

Below, we show a breakdown for each review. Price per gram is denoted by the bar chart and colour. Hover/tap for comparative pricing and ranking information, with difference from averages at the cultivar level.

This infographic is connected to the my personal purchase dataset, and will update periodically as I purchase/review new offerings.

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