I’m going to start tracking data from my rosin presses. 

With enough data, I can start to build a model that can estimate the potential return yielded by the press I use. And if I press enough cannabis where the content is known, I may be able to use the model to estimate the content of the flower I grow.

To start off, we’re pressing flower with a known content. This is Aurora LA Confidential, it has average cannabinoid content for a THC dominant flower. 

I was over at Lake City Cannabis last week and they were having a sale on this flower. An eighth was priced at $16.99, or $4.85 per gram. I bought 3 containers (10.5g).

Here are the particulars of the purchase.

For the press, I left the bud as whole flower and crammed them into a 90micron filter bag.

Total amount of cannabis sold was 10.5 grams, amount transferred into the bag was 10.4 grams.

I applied a fraction of maximum pressure to the material, for about 15 seconds. I removed the bag from the press to take the photo below, then replaced the bag, lowering the pressure back to near minimum value.

For the first press, the pressure started near minimum and was slowly increased to just below 0.4mPa. Temperature was set to 180f and the time pressed was 90 seconds.

This second press was conducted similar to the first. The pressure, temperature and time remained constant. The only change was the bag was flipped to face the opposite plate. 

The pressure was increased to 0.6mPa and the temperature was increased to 190f. Time for the press below was 90 seconds. 

The press was conducted again at the same settings with the bag folded in half. 

The output has a brittle consistency, like glass. It cooled immediately at room temperature and was easy to remove from the parchment paper.

Total yield of all the presses was 1.81 grams. All fractions were combined. 

The rosin was dark in colour, becoming somewhat gold when catching the light.

Freshly pressed and still on the parchment paper, the rosin was darker than what I usually see.

Since the day of pressing, the rosin has sat in a small container at room temperature.

The consistency is firm and glass like, it can be manipulated by hand. With a metallic tool, it tends to chip and break into shards. 

Olfactory content is low. Representative of the LA Confidential flower it was derived from, albeit in low magnitude. 


Here are a few calculations about the this particular press. 

At the time of writing, I’m also reviewing retail rosin from CannaFarms. A half gram cost $50, or about the cost of the 10.5 grams I pressed during this trial. Yield was near quadruple (1.81g) here. Consistency is much different between the two products, and I’d call quality higher on the Cannafarms product.

Perhaps I could have backed the pressure off, and pressed for longer at a higher temperature, that may be one cause for the darker rosin. It also could be the age of the flower that led to the brown colour displayed when the rosin was fresh. 

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