Like 20 years ago there was this skit on Mad TV with this character called Dixie Wetsworth, who had a talk show, and she’d bring out this guy in a leopard print speedo to dance for her, whom she called Pool Boy. And I can’t separate the association between the image of that, and this cannabis brand, Pool Boy.

The producer is 314 Pure Cannabis for this Pool Boy, and I checked out their Chemdawg, which is a somewhat-common offering, 

Let’s get right into the highlights.


Price is the one I’d talk about first. This is a $27 eighth, which is getting into an attractive range for this package size. It’s also cheaper than previous offerings of Chemdawg I’ve reviewed.

Quality was acceptable, but just that. The looks are decent, and the taste profile shows up in a good amount. Doesn’t disappoint, but doesn’t wow.

I’d try them again, especially at this price.


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