Checking out Platinum OG here today. The listing calls this back to breeder Apothecary genetics, and it’s a cross of Master Kush and a OG Kush. 

And it’s probably the platinum behind the Platinum of Platinum Kush Mints fame.

Buyer Motivation

Attraction from the platinum name, which I assume means frosty.


Looking beneath the roughage, there’s good trichome coverage and surface development here. Trim is left wild, most buds are skirted by rim leaf. There’s some errant stem.


The buds have been compressed by the package, as such, they feel quite firm.


Rustic gas, yellowed by dry herb and spicy earths. Character has a low hum and is unassuming. Most of the profile lies in the low earthy herb, which boosts the gas only slightly.


Tastes are earthy, with inflections of pine and fuel that mix a dirty grit to the earth tones, but doesn’t take the tone of the profile elsewhere.

Value Statement

Price was $5 per single gram. About half the average for this package size and very good price for standard quality, or above.


Thought the profile showcased some of the more aggressive elements of an OG, behind the comfortable veil softer earth tones.

Consumer Benefits

Good value for the price, the buds were good enough to look past the poor trim.

Consumer Pains

The trim, the stem. Package issues.


Strain name. Price was the big channel to this offering. It’s a $140 ounce, which is pretty favourable to the consumer.


Payment options, I speculate that every package looks like mine. Some may have gotten smaller buds.

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