Welcome good readers to the final instalment of the entries in TCLEWSI. 

TCLEWSI; We’re pretty sure if you told your mom you won this she’d tell you she’s proud.  It’s Squid Pants here.  I don’t know what Pancakenap is up to, he sent me a ten minute video of him wearing a welder’s mask and pointing at a pile of twigs and ketchup packets from the 1980s while yelling in Latin that the common people need to relearn how to shine shoes.  I don’t know what it means either but that man clearly has life figured out.  I finished this series so he can continue in this great work.

As I said, this is the last write up so I want to thank everyone who put any work in, participated in or provided support for this contest.  I count no one’s help as less than anyone else’s, a contest can only be a group effort so thank you all for making this first iteration so much fun.  I don’t want to single anyone out by name because I can’t do that for everyone.  Cannabis is legal but still stigmatized and for various reasons some who participated wish to remain anonymous.  The next battle is normalization.  One day a contest like this will have all the repercussions as a tomato growing contest would have for the participants.

Thank you all so much!

The final offering is Platinum Kush Mints X Platinum from In-House Genetics.  This offering is out of rotation for them but the genetics here are mixed into a lot of their present options.  This probably remains true whenever you read this if they are still in operation.  I am quite positive in general on cannabis I’ve had from this breeder and this is no exception.  In fact this was my personal favourite in this competition.

My comments were high praise with one forced flaw since one has to remind a person that perfecting a talent is never done and that the most important project is the next one, always.  Visually coverage was dense, colour and trim fantastic which you can see and judge for yourself below.  Scents were deep earths that approached unpleasant while staying on the good side, the whisper of a suggestion of mint and more than a hint of hashish.  For myself, scent mapped to taste perfectly one to one and onto.  The only flaw was it was a tad overdry and feel suffered a little, but that could have been due to my storage.  A home grower could do worse than anything this breeder offers, and again a lot of these genetics are in their contemporary offerings.

That’s it for me with respect to this contest.  I hope I haven’t been a chore to read.  If you’ve read and enjoyed what I wrote I do appreciate it, and thank you again to everyone involved in this contest.

Ok, time for the numbers!

Review Protocol

For these reviews, I’ll be providing my own comments side by side with pancake’s. We’ll show our respective rating for each entry, and how far it was from the contest average decided by all the judges.

Qualitative data for each entry is also shown summarized:

  • Combustion Rating – How well it burned on a 5 point scale
  • Potency Rating – How strong you thought it was on a 7 point scale
  • Longevity Rating – How long the effects lasted on a 7 point scale
  • Anxiety Rating – Amount of anxiety felt, 7 being the highest
  • Stimulation Rating – Sedative to stimulant on a 7 point scale

Notes on the grow from the grower

Platinum Kush Mints x Platinum

This gem was the second place winner, and the ranking in the top three is well earned.  No one marked this badly, while four out of the 14 judges ranked it first.  The hive mind and individual rankings were in concert here, this was a top tier product (as were all in the top three four) and beat the average score of this contest by 15%.  The positivity was also evident in the comments, with special praise reserved for the fantastic looks.

None of the guesses were Blue Dream.

A last note here.  I went into this contest with a lot of assumptions about who and what would place where and was not prepared for just how fantastic many entries were.  Although my favourite, this was the second place entry, with a total upset victory in first I never saw coming.  Just goes to show that people can surprise you in many good ways, that you really don’t know where unexpected talent is.  Keep your eyes and your mind open to the unexpected, you too may be pleasantly surprised.

That seems like a great note to end this series on.  Thank you for reading.


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