(Platinum Kush Mints x Gelato 45) X (CookieWreck x Biker Kush) From Pancakenap


Squid Pants here, still making my way through a big backlog so check out some more homegrown with me!  Today we have something Pancakenap bred with some compelling-to-me genetics.

(Platinum Kush Mints x Gelato 45) X (CookieWreck x Biker Kush)

I asked what the story behind this plant was and he said “the male was an In House tester and the female was a collab between Karma and CannaVenture”.  No surprise that the Platinum Kush Mints X Gelato 45 is the In House side, but let’s break this down parent by parent.

Starting with Platinum Kush Mints, this is an In House favourite and a lot of their offerings include this line.  I have some experience with it and really love the earthy tastes, which come through in what we are looking at here.  Platinum Kush Mints is Platinum OG Kush X Kush Mints and is worth a try if you get the chance.

Next is the Gelato 45, which is another expression of Gelato.  I already complained about the Gelato naming protocol in my review of the Lot 420 Gelato 33.  A quick refresher; all the Gelato’s are Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  I am a fan and I tasted some of the citrus influence here.  Now you may ask what the difference between Gelato 33 and Gelato 45 is?  Clearly the difference is 12.  Yup, there’s my university education paying off.

The other ancestral side I’m less familiar with, so let’s check those too.

Cookie Wreck is the CannaVenture contribution.  Its lineage is Girl Scout Cookies X Arcata Trainwreck.  Two classic lines here which there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t be great together.  Trainwreck is a bit generic to me, I wouldn’t even say I’m a fan but I am a huge fan of Girl Scout Cookies.

Finally we have Karma Genetics’ contribution, Biker Kush.  A favourite of Karma’s this appears in a lot of their offerings.  Never had it on its own, but the genetics, which include a few interpretations of OG Kush along with a Blackberry Kush, look very promising.

Looks, Feel, Scent & Taste

Here I will note Pancakenap is supplying the photos as these weren’t sent to me with keeping them perfect for taking photos in mind.  Further there were two phenotypic expressions sent and I will comment on both.

On the green phenotype the buds are teardrop shaped with average colouring and good trichome coverage while on the purple phenotype the base of the buds are more bulbous with a good amount of dark purple colours.  Under compression both are nicely dense and grinding is quite satisfying.  Grinds are nicely fluffy and roll up nicely.  How does it smoke?  . . . Nobody said you could ask questions!  Moving on there are a few seeds, but not that many so I won’t hold this fact against it.

For the green phenotype scents are of sweet anise with some doughiness.  Some of the scents I expect are hiding in there too but to be honest they are waiting for some heat to come out. Taste is far more towards lemon cleaner.  Supporting notes are earthiness and some definite cookies tastes as well as more than a hint of champagne and vanilla.  Pine is lurking in there and pops its head up with use.  A few of my favourite tastes are in attendance and thankfully tastes are well expressed.

The scent of the purple phenotype is louder with a more aggressive profile.  Eucalyptus and acetone loudly announce their presence while pine and lemon candy are far from shy.  Grinding brings out some peppery notes.  This version also has some sweet anise present but it’s competing against acetone, earthiness and what I’d call a lemon leaning OG Kush set of tastes.  This palette is far less accessible, but personally I find the composition pleasing.

Closing Comments

Although I suspect the cross was more opportunistic than careful planning, this is some nice cannabis.  Tastes are pleasing and morphology is solid.  I feel like if the yield is good the green phenotype would be a nice commercial offering as the tastes are mostly friendly and all familiar whereas the purple could appeal to those looking for a bit more exotic tastes and luxury colouring.  Hope you enjoyed checking out this, I really enjoyed consuming it.


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