This was a memorable review.

Mostly for the character of the flower, and the deficit in magnitude of olfaction. Great composition, just needed the volume turned up a bit.

By name you can likely identify it as a Pink Kush, Rockstar cross. I was unable to confirm a breeder for this one. I searched, but ended up just getting caught up looking at all the new genetics at BC BudDepot. They have something called Death Scout now, which is a Chem91 x OGKB (Death Breath), and a Face OFF x GSC (Sonoma Cookies). They’ve used that same Sonoma Cookies with a Krinkle’s Bubba Kush, Alien Kush cross, called Pop Von Alien, to create Pope Von Dank. Anyways, that’s where the desk research time went, moving on.

Cannabinoid Content

Content was 10% below average for the contest, around 16%. Still very respectable, and just below the average of what I see via my purchases and in the larger market, which I view as similar (~17.5%THC).

Cultivar Guess

I called this one a Kosher Kush or Holy Grail, which is probably one of the better guesses I made during this contest. Still wrong, maybe not in the same ball park, but I feel like maybe the same ‘sport’?

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