Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this review.

I’m writing this on the 8th of March, International Woman’s Day, so I’ll review a cultivar called Pink Phenom. Perhaps that is too on the nose, and kinda cheesy, but I’ve ran out of Rockstar and have no Cinderella 99.

Based on past history with the vendor, this flower should have all the right features but might get scary in the details. Let’s take a look.

If you’ve been following my reviews, you may remember the Phenom, an unknown cultivar. This Pink Phenom is a Phenom crossed with a Pink Kush. The messaging on the container says we can expect some eucalyptus flavours in this. The package also says this Phenom will leave us physically and mentally relaxed; which you could also get by taking 5 deep breaths or, ignoring all your problems– I suggest doing all three at once.

Visuals on the Pink Phenom are good from afar. I’d expect most would regard these buds as full, plump and chunky.

The feel on the Pink Phenom is also good; rock hard and dense.

Alright, up close this bud looks disgusting. The amount of hair intwined within this bud is enough to tickle the back of your throat, it is beyond gross. We’ll go into taste below, but I want you to know I’ve written that previously, and when I read what I wrote, it makes my skin crawl. Never, ever do I feel like this with legal cannabis. Yes, its expensive. Yes it has seeds and layers of corporate rebranding. But I never feel this gross looking at it… (except for this one).

I checked the Pink Phenom grinds visually at first, I didn’t see anything with the naked eye. Took a macro photo just in case, and I can see a bit of foreign material and a few small seed shells. I used to think this was a big deal, but now I see it a bit less than half the time, so pardon my lack of surprise.

Scent of these Pink Phenom flowers are chocolate-fuel based with some herbal facets on the top. You can sense where the Pink Kush influences the olfaction here and it blends to a fine point. I find it a bit different to my nose and have a greater appreciation because it is so.

Flavours on this Pink Phenom are smooth and smokey with chipper herbal edges, this is really nice. Interprets as harmonious in the centre with a distinguished outline. The mid notes are deep; bitter chocolate mixed to sage and earth. Has some elements of Pink Kush if you use your imagination but this mostly reminds me of the Phenom.

By my memory, it also shares some uncanny similarities with Tom’s Wanderer, a mexican hybrid, especially at the edges of the profile. The centre continues in the herbal notes across slight metallic tang towards menthol and eucalyptus.

Like its predecessor (Phenom), Pink Phenom is available at only one vendor. The cost is $6.57 per gram, much cheaper than other vendors and licensed cannabis.

Here’s the thing, cannabis flower is sticky. As a consumer selecting your flower, you might want to ask yourself, do you prefer your flower with someone else’s hair, your own hair, or no hair? I probably prefer my (dogs) hair, then no hair, then someone else’s hair. Never hurts to know what you want in life.

Licensed cannabis rarely has any hair or fibre, all those booties and beard masks are working. I tend to think people don’t feel the same way about unknown hair as they do their own hair.

Anyways, Pink Phenom has much potential but it fails in some critical areas. In a perfect world I’d know the terpene composition for this and we’d be talking about alternatives with a similar terp set. Or better yet, a Licensed Producer could pick this up and do a better job for three times the price. But, alas, such a rare flower may never make it to the big stage to shine.

One of the things that really made this flavour profile is the nuances of Pink Kush in the low end. We’ll leave today but looking to some other Pink Kush hybrids, there are two that I’d like to note. One is from Mosca Seeds, it is a Pink Kush crossed to their version of Brother’s Grimm C99, they call this OchoCinco. The other is from Jordan of the Islands, Blue King, a cross of Pink Kush and his Blueberry. Both are on my long list of stuff to try.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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