Pharm Craft Co. Pink Cookies

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Checking out a Pink Cookies today, by Pharm Craft. Co. The listing says this is better known as Wedding Cake.


Wedding Cake, as per Leafly is a Triangle Kush crossed to Animal Mints, and they also note it’s synonymous with Pink Cookies. When you look up Pink Cookies on Leafly, the lineage is shown as Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie; which is the lineage shown in this particular listing, that also notes this is also called Wedding Cake.

Taking it at face value, I’m reviewing the Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie version here, but there are other versions of Wedding Cake out there.

Buyer Motivation

Figured why not?


Visuals are just good. The extra stem draws the eye away from the tight buds attached to it. Trim is ok. Shape is long and slender, with some god surface development at the top. Colouring remains typical, coverage isn’t prominent.


Feel is ok, near the ideal level. Works well in the grinder.


Frontage is sweet and creamy, with soft pine dazzled by a bubbling floral medley.


Candied earths with floral grace notes with soft fruit. Flavours appear on the frontage in low magnitude but resonate well on the palate after exhalation, giving the taste more legs.

Value Statement

Price on this was $8.40 per single gram. I think that’s attractive in any market for small sizes. By the ounce it’s over $235, which is less than attractive. If you’re willing to pay extra for a ‘name brand’ strain like Wedding Cake, the proposition seems much better.


The sweet sides of the taste bring wide appeal, I think that’s undeniable and I’d relate good favour along those lines. How long this remains appealing is dependent on the person.

Consumer Benefits

Trendy name for an ok price

Consumer Pains

Some of the looks take away from the impression.


Strain name, familiarity. Price.


Vendor don’t take Visa, or other credit cards. Buying sight unseen.

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