Hey thanks for joining me for today’s review, it’s for a flower called Pink Chocolate.


I’d suggest it to you is something you should try if you were given the opportunity, just to see the compilation of Chocolope and Pink Star. They’re two fairly different flavour profiles, and I think you get a unique composition out of the pair.


The other thing going on here is this is an illicit offering that doesn’t have typical bulk discount. For whatever reason, an ounce cost upwards of $250 from the vendor, which is entirely comparable to offerings of similar quality around the $30/eighth price point. Apples to apples, this listing is better compared to one of the new Broken Coast offerings, which are priced ~$400 an ounce, depending on your province.


Anyways, as I am enthusiastic about cannabis, multiplied by the fact that tend to gravitate to stuff I find as ‘new’, here is a mostly positive review of Kootenay Living Soil Collective’s Pink Chocolate.

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