Looking at Pineapple Express today, the cultivar.

I’m not a big lover of this offering, I’ll admit, I don’t even know how fast pineapples are. But I’ll give it my best shot.


Multiple breeders offer something called Pineapple Express, some are Trainwreck based, some are Pineapple based. Typically cannabis offerings are navigated by the ‘strain name’, in this case it is difficult to equate the name of the offering with its genetic origin.

Buyer Motivation



Buds are smaller sized, rounded in shape. Trim is poor and there are som instances of stem left on the bud. Growth and development is scant on some of the buds. Looks are a tad below average overall.


The buds are looser but the moisture content feels good, so the feel is about average.


Frontage on the scents is a rich fruit medley, tropical feel with more mango than citrus.


Sweet citrus with new pine and slightly gassy earths. Character is candied at the front and smooth at the rear. The gas brings some grit to the earths, I could see how it makes the fruits feel a bit more acidic.

Value Statement

Price on the single gram was $3.99. That’s a $15 eighth or a $110 ounce. Definitely on the value side of the spectrum for all package sizes.


Although the bud doesn’t look great, the tastes showed up a good amount. Maybe basic, but the impression left is decent.

Consumer Benefits

Value, tastes are surprisingly good for the price paid.

Consumer Pains

The looks, some might see this as smalls or popcorn. I might be one of those people.


Besides price, channels to this offering are Danny McBride racking a pump shotgun to a MIA song, and love for the apple of the pine.


It’s a value offering, so some may want to pay more for better quality


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