Looking at something called Photon Torpedo today.

Cultivar Info

Now that I look back to what I wrote previously, I was fairly certain this was a Blue Dream or Blueberry, enough to go out on a limb to say so in the review portion. We know it’s wrong, but let’s see how wrong.

After a quick search I find little info on Photon Torpedo, but do see a Torpedo by VIP seeds, which is a Bubble Gum incross of some sort. Maybe not probable but there is certainly a possibility this is what I saw.

Cannabinoid Content

Content of this offering ran just below the content average. THC content was just over 12%, and note the ratio of CBD to CBG found. 

The entry was absolutely respectable, and its charming character made it a good selection for the contest, but it lacked the olfactory magnitude of those that made the top end.

My feelings on it are all encouraging. From what I saw from it, I’d probably put more work into bringing it to its best form and see how it places next year. Plus, I think cultivars with sweet and active flavour profiles lend themselves to favour over a larger audience.

For those reading these reviews as a method of gaining awareness of variety and market ability, consider putting Bubble Gum on your list; I’m surprised we haven’t seen one yet. Perhaps not the most trendy cultivar, but certainly suitable amongst some of the classic cultivars our nascent dried cannabis market has to offer. Furthermore, at the time of writing, offerings from the old school THSeed line seem to be accepted, which is your Cold Creek Kush, your MKUltra and the Ultra Sour. Why not bring in the Bubble Gum? Perhaps it’s not an MKUltra derivative but I still think it would find gravity if marketed correctly.

When I find an author I like, I start to look at other books they’ve written. Surely it’s not outlandish to suggest a similar consumer channel exists with breeders and cannabis cultivars.

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