This unknown cultivar, Phenom, delivers a fresh herbal flavour profile with respectable visual appeal.

The polarization of the market very interesting during this time and I want to start applying the same review approach to other sections. So today, we review some unlicensed retail cannabis. I review cannabis offerings individually here but there is some value to looking at the reviews in summary for comparative purposes. We’ll layer in these reviews over the coming weeks. Hopefully we’ll find some unique cultivars and, after a few dozen reviews, have some interesting qualitative information to discuss.

We’ve looked at Gastown’s Super Mario CBD in the past, it is a relatively unknown cultivar. This one is similar, it is called Phenom and is also difficult to find information about its breeder or producer. I approach these cultivars cautiously and have no choice but to place a large emphasis on flavour to determine its lineage. Which is a fun guessing game, but just that, a guessing game. Regardless, I am apt to explore, let’s get into it.

The size and structure of these Phenom buds is pretty good. Definitely looks like the plant was indica, these flowers are tight, round and slightly conical on larger buds. No question, visual appeal is above average.

Up close the buds look mostly good. Some fibre is present here but otherwise, the flowers look near premium. No seeds or anything of that nature.

Tactile quality is above average as well. Moisture content is a bit on the drier side. Buds grind to smaller particles, but the wealth of scent released is more than enough to give this flower much character.

The scent of these Phenom flowers is high strung citrus and musky fuel notes, there’s also some pepper in the profile, it tickles the senses a bit. Feels poised, less of a relaxed state. The scents here suggest an edgier flavour profile but this Phenom surprises with some calmer herb tones when you add some heat to it.

Flavours on the Phenom are very interesting, this cultivar blends some sharper tastes with some calming herbal tones. The frontage of the profile is creamy greens with slight soured edges, in my opinion, these take a backseat to the herbal notes in the midsection where I sense some spicy garlic and the fresh notes of a cilantro. The rest of the profile blends down to some clean musks and deeper herb notes. After some use, the skunk character in this profile become more apparent, but still reduced, which allows the composition of herbal notes to shine through.

The lineage for this Phenom is unknown, but I would guess it is some form of a skunk derivative, you can see it in the flower structure and more so, taste it in the flavour nuances. But that’s being very general, this has some other additions to the genetic foundation, which likely brings in the cooler herb notes. Overall, it was nice to experience. I have a good time looking back into a well known cultivar like the Shishkaberry, but doing these unknown ones are fun too. This delivered familiar flavours with some fresher edges and found there was a lot to like about it.

This came from DoobDasher, they price Phenom at $24 for 3.5 grams, or $6.86 per gram. That’s a pretty good price for something that performs so well. Perhaps my only complaint is this offering lacks lab testing, which would have been easy to get. Didn’t really detract from any of the enjoyment, but lab testing is quickly becoming a necessary inclusion in the consumer experience.

For value comparison to licensed cannabis, there isn’t a ton of competition around this price point, surely for similar quality. This new offering was a good experience but holds a fragile place right now where legalization has raised the bar, slightly, so cannabis consumers can expect lab testing but pockets like this still exist. Glad I didn’t miss out on it and hope I get to see more of them in the future, at the minimum standard.

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