Reviewed last of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March.

As I said before, there’s no set protocol with these reviews. I try to get you all the sensory observations needed to approach the product; and I’ll tell you what I liked about it, or what I didn’t.

At this point in the evening, I had ingested 7 edibles, which I think is about 70mg of THC. I felt high, but the next day I had a headache.


Bitter smell, dry, like dark chocolate. Not in high magnitude


Bar has crumbled at the corners. Almonds placed sloppily, and concentrated in one place, sacrificing the structural integrity of the bar. Sam Rothstein would not be impressed.


Snaps easily, seems thin.


Has bitter dark chocolate tastes. Sweet in the midrange, bitter on the leave. Tastes are basic, not flavoured or overly sweetened. Almonds provide some neutral earths.

Zero cannabis taste.


I don’t really like dark chocolate, somehow I ended up with this. This producer has a milk chocolate variant, which I thought I ordered, but clearly mistakes were made (by me). I’d improve this bar by making it all the same thickness. There are a few other detractions you could make based on some visual and functional elements. Otherwise, I don’t have much to offer on the dark chocolate taste.

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