We’re looking at Phantom Cookies today, a cannabis cultivar bred by Ken Estes or a fairly good answer to the question “who ate all these cookies?” People tend to be superstitious these days, and I think you can learn to use that to your advantage.

From an olfactory standpoint I think this was a really interesting cultivar to review. The profile contains some elements from the familiar girl scope cookies but mixes in some non-traditional flavours that makes for a composition which has enough depth to lead to multiple interpretations.

This flower reviewed well from multiple angles; with the lighter stigma, it looks almost as intriguing as it tastes. Quality observed was more than enough to demonstrate the character of this cultivar, and I was really thankful I got to see it.

If I encountered this variety elsewhere, I think the memory of this review would be enough for me to try it again, I found it really likable.

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